Sport & business are very much alike:

it requires patience, resilience, hard work, vision and determination. 


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6-time National champion, 2-time Olympian, Maé has been the leader of the French women’s figure skating field for over a decade now. 

Navigating through the ups and downs of her career was not easy, but she manages to be the first French woman skater in 14+ years to get back into the top 5 at Europeans, top 10 at Worlds and the Olympics, and flag bearer at the 2019 Winter Universiade. Her focus is now to go to her third Olympics. 


And become a golden partner. 

Maé views her skating career as a business, and has set specific goals and long term objectives, on and off the ice. This professionalization of her approach came months after a well needed introspection, initiated because of the ruptured Achilles’ tendon she suffered from during the 2022 Olympic Qualifiers, back in March 2021.



And YOU can be a part of it. 


Maé-Bérénice Méité is more than an athlete, she is a worldwide brand

With a community of +125K people cross platforms, years of experience at the highest level and knowledge in management, marketing and digital marketing, Maé is an undeniable asset that will add value to your business. 


As a partner, you will benefit from a global brand ambassador, content creator, worldwide exposure, tax deductible donations, social impact projects, and much more!


Submit your business' informations to learn more about Maé's Olympic project.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I want to use my experience, hardships and knowledge as a woman, athlete, and entrepreneur to empower, inspire and motivate the current and upcoming generation of people.

Offer and create platforms, tools and opportunities for everyone to dream big, and turn a vision into their reality. 


In 2021, Maé launched her very first concept, Visio Planners:

the power of digital tools at people's disposal. She is revisiting digital planning for professional, athletes and personal use, by developing a catalog of app-like planners. 


On top of that, she offers her services as a social media strategist, digital marketer and management strategist, for athletes and businesses. 


And last but not least, she uses her digital platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & Youtube) to create meaningful content for her community to enjoy.


On the ice, you can trust Maé's sense of rhythm to put on a show, for an exhibition to be remembered.

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Being able to use my notoriety to give back to a community that brought so much to my life is what fuels me every day to push my limits further. 


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Social media are powerful tools to share stories and bring awareness. 

That is something Maé understood early on in her career, and she made it her life mission to use her platforms, resources, and energy to help communities and people in need. 


She is involved within several NGO, tackling different projects, including the Big Skaters Little Skaters program, women’s menstrual precariousness,  bettering sports management for Elite athletes, and more. 


Every year, she tours within her hometown schools to share her experience as an Elite athlete, with the hope of inspiring the future generation of champions/artists to go after their wildest dreams. 


One of her biggest life goal is to one day, visit her parents home country and contribute to both Ivory Coast and Congo’s growth and evolution through sport and education. 

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